Labi Ramaj


Labi Ramaj started to make music 4 years ago. At the end of 2016, He released his first EP of 5 songs. The EP was a great success and was decisive for the fact that he continued making music. In 2019 he signed a record deal with Spinnin` Records where many of his idols have started their careers. He got a lot of attention in the form of interviews, radio performances and festival gigs that led to several collaborations with local and international artists.


Several milestones in his career so far have been winning a DJ competition with over 150 participants arranged by Germany's largest nightclub, the song "Saviesa" which in 2018 was presented on NRJ Radio in Norway, DJ set on Dutch Slam FM Radio which is the world's best radio channel for dance music in 2019. He has played at festivals & concerts such as Spinnin` Sessions Stavanger, Landstreffet Stavanger, Utopia and Regnbuedagene in Bergen which has made him more and more recognized by other people in the music industry both nationally and internationally.


One of his last songs "One more night" has now over 1.4 million plays and has opened many doors for him. Labi`s goal is to work with like-minded people and just create amazing music to dance to.